Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On Life

I support the notion of the Individual. I believe that the Individual is the mover of the world.

I believe that effort put in an honest endeavor can only lead to success as long as failure or hardship in trying to accomplish a specific task doesn't discourage you from persevering or trying again to meet your end goals.

I believe most people understand their own situation and position in life better then any outside entity can. You know your abilities. Hopefully, you know what makes you happy, and, even if you not sure, you know what makes you miserable and can determine a course for yourself to move away from those things.

I believe nothing that has real value is achieved in life without risk and effort. Success and happiness are achievements, not rights. The ability to pursue those things is your right as a human being; being granted by God or Man as the supreme being or wherever you draw your faith and hope and strength from.

If anything here smacks of Ayn Rand, Adam Smith, Peter Schiff, Henry Hazlitt or others of the like, understand that I am a fan and a great deal of how I perceive the world comes from people like this.

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