Tuesday, August 2, 2011

On Private Property

Is it appropriate to steal from one person to provide for another?
Are you justified in stealing if you perceive that someone else must go without.  That they hit on hard times.  That circumstances beyond their control have shifted against them.  That they've made a bad decision, but should be spared the consequences.

What of the person you steal from?  Can he do without?  Should his labor and sacrifice provide for someone else against his will?  If he can do without what was stolen, does he has a moral obligation to provide for others?  Does he have the right to seek justice?  Should he accept the act as part of living together in a civilized society?

Does the man who has; the man who produces; the man who sacrifices; the man who risks; have a right to his own personal property without suffering the extortion of those who cry : 'But people are in need', 'For the betterment of society', 'You have enough', 'Fair is fair'?